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USA Disney Store Provides international shoppers with an online Disney World

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Introduction to Disney World and fun of shopping at Disney Store

 There is no more iconic character in history than Mickey Mouse from Disney World. Just seeing his sweet face brings smiles to so many people. When the Disney brand decided to open stores throughout the United States, they provided an opportunity for American people to enjoy some of that whimsy. The Disney Store is like a small piece of Disney World in a shopping experience. They offer clothing, toys, housewares, baby goods, movies and music and so much more. Walking into the Disney store gives a small piece of the experience of walking into Disney World or Disneyland.

 Now we have Disney Store from the internet, which provides opportunity for international customers to explore the Disney World online. Shopping online at Disney Store means so much happiness for international customers. Disney Store has lovely toys, and comfortable & fashionable clothing.

Whether or not you are a US resident, the Disney Store offers fun and unique products. You can live anywhere in the world to enjoy the fun of Mickey Mouse and all of his Disney friends. The good news for international shoppers here is you can order directly from Disney Store and get your packaged shipped to your international address with Personal Messenger Service Enterprise.

In which ways does Personal Messenger Service Enterprise help international customers buy from USA Disney Store?

  • Personal Messenger Service Enterprise offers you a US address for shopping at Disney Store USA.
  • Leave this address at Disney Store when ordering toys or clothing.
  • Your Disney store package shipped to Personal Messenger Service Enterprise warehouse. (free repacking & consolidation service)
  • Pay for international shipping cost ( deeply discounted)
  • Personal Messenger Service Enterprise ships your Disney Store oders right to your house!

So shopping online at Disney Store is easy and available for all international shoppers from all over the world. Register now with Personal Messenger Service Enterprise and then start your wonderful shopping experience at Disney Store!

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